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Most Large Corporations have “in-house” legal advisors, who serve as an efficient single point-of-contact for all the legal needs of the Company.


Our GOAL at CHERN & CO. (C&C) is to fulfil a similar role for emerging companies, and other established businesses, which have yet to have an in-house legal team or in-house legal advisor. For Companies with existing in-house lawyers, we provide In-House Counsel Resources to support them in their work.


We are often called upon by Clients to provide clear and pragmatic advice on their strategic and challenging transactions. Our experience extends beyond transactional work and we also look after our Clients through every stage of the company life-cycle. Our advice also covers all aspects of governance and administration of companies.


Hence, as a C&C’s Client, you can be rest assured that we will look after your routine legal needs and commercial transactions, so that you and your team can solely focus on providing strategic value to your businesses.


Our comprehensive “Section 17A Compliance Programme for SMEs” typically includes 5 stages that can be tailored to the needs of your Company’s requirements and budget as seen below: –

1st Stage:-

Perform Risk Analysis to determine the areas in which potential risks of corruption lie.

2nd Stage:-

Recommend/ Implement Robust Internal Controls to address “gaps” found in Stage 1.

3rd Stage:-

Staff Training & Raise Awareness in what concerns the prevention controls and detection processes we install for your company in Stage 2.

4th Stage:-

Testing to evaluate the application and effectiveness of the internal controls. At this Stage, we will work closely with your internal key personnel, primarily your legal advisor or HR department to ensure the programme we design for you is practical and working as it should.

5th Stage:-

Periodic Follow up to test your compliance programme and to offer retraining sessions to key personnel if needed.

Read more on the new Section 17A MACC Act here.

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If your business involves reviewing a large volume of contracts on a monthly basis, then being a bottle-neck is never an option.

Here, we will own the whole day-to-day contract review function, and we pick up the way you do. No need for instructions each time. We will review each contract to see if we need to escalate to you and if not, we review, and send back to you within 3 working days.

Contract(s) give you CERTAINTY, as they protect you, or your business from Commercial and Legal Risks. A well-drafted agreement also provides you the opportunity for a legal remedy in Courts, if needed.

We offer a full range of commercial contracts drafting services, including

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Service Agreement / Contract
  • Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • Share Sale & Purchase Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Terms & Conditions (for E-Commerce websites)
  • Influencer Agreement
  • Joint Venture / Agreement, and more.

We can also draft, review and negotiate other Agreements you need for your businesses.

Insolvency and restructuring can be complex and stressful. We support you through the process, providing robust guidance while fiercely protecting your interests. Financial distress can be challenging for all parties. We ensure you have the very best advice and assistance from day ONE.

It is important that you don’t overlook the employment laws when running your own businesses. Non-compliance with employment laws can be very damaging to your brand, and may have serious consequences for your businesses.

At CHERN & CO. (C&C), we provide a range of employment laws related services, including drafting Independent Contractor Agreement(s), Employee’s Agreement(s); and Employee’s Handbook(s).

We also offer detailed legal advice on the Malaysian Employment laws, and we can assist you in managing workplace disputes, investigation, the implementation of a fair dismissal mechanism, and termination. 

Navigating the regulatory landscape by yourself can be complex. It’s essential that you are aware of the latest developments affecting your business.

We are here to offer advice and ensure that you’re compliant with the relevant rules and regulations.

We will guide you in navigating the legal, procedural, governance aspects of regulatory and compliance issues faced by your businesses.

We act for early stages Companies, and Start-ups. At CHERN & CO. (C&C), we provide a range of services, including, providing legal advice on commercial contracts, and transactions (e.g. funding rounds, and restructuring).

We advise on the outsourcing of specific IT functions, or applications. This applies when you’re doing business, or services, via Mobile Apps. or Websites.

We also provide a range of other eCommerce related legal services, including drafting your Website T&C, Mobile Application’s (App) T&C, and Privacy/ Social Media Policies.

If your business involves collecting Personal Information from your customers (i.e. eCommerce), it is IMPORTANT that you comply with the data protection obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. 

We are ready to assist you with providing tailored privacy policies, and other relevant advice that you need.

Notably, that non-compliance of the data protection laws may have serious consequences, that may include fines, and/or imprisonment, or both. 

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