Our Business is Your Peace of Mind. 

What makes us different?

CHERN & CO. (C&C) is not a firm of General Practitioners (“GPs”). We are Commercial Lawyers, and we just want to own our niche. That is all we do. And we do it well.

We support individuals and businesses in resolving conflicts, safeguarding their futures and maximizing opportunities. We do not undertake commoditised work such as real estate conveyancing or will writing, instead focusing on transactional matters and litigation to those in commerce and industry.

In our practice, we have seen that most law firms operate like it is the 20th (or 18th) century. Here, we are on a mission to fix them. Here are just A FEW OF OUR IMPROVEMENTS

  • EASY SCHEDULING with the lawyers.
  • HIGHLY RESPONSIVE legal service.
  • CONSTANT UPDATES on your case(s), without you calling.
  • Everything we do is on a FLAT-FEE BASIS.
  • We use TECHNOLOGY to provide you with more efficient, and cost-effective services.
  • We DON’T OVER-LAWYER. We know what you need.

The Bottom Line… We are a Kuala Lumpur-based Law Firm you can count on to deliver… Each and Every time. 


 CHERN & CO. is a NEW TYPE of LAW FIRM that was built on a purpose to provide legal services to businesses from Tech Startups to Established Companies (“our Clients”). Our Clients benefit from the support of outstanding lawyers with large-firm standards and work ethic at the right price.

It is the idea that professional services can be improved by reducing wasteful overhead and leveraging technology to improve Client services. Using technology and agile ways of working in house, we aim to make quality legal services Faster, Simpler, and More Affordable for all of our Clients. We are also here to change the perception of lawyers that they are too expensive and hard to reach.

With our Firm located in Mont’ Kiara, in the heart of Klang valley, our lawyers are well-positioned to meet the diverse demands of  business clients. We want to help you solve your legal problems with your time in mind, not ours. 

OUR culture.

This is a guide designed for our team, but we also want the world to see it, and when we say ‘the world’ we predominantly mean, our lawyer friends and Clients.

At CHERN & CO. (C&C), we pride ourselves on collaboration. Our lawyers use this same team approach when working with Clients to find the right solutions for difficult issues. We believe that everyone plays an important role on our team as a hands-on contributor to the end goal. Similar to a start-up company, we enjoy an open culture. We support independent thought and encourage creativity because we believe this approach works to achieve the best possible results for our Clients.

As a boutique law firm, we recognize the need to go the extra mile to recognize, honor, and incorporate diversity into our Firm culture. This is an educational process and, like most law firms, we are still in early in our journey.